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New Landscapes


At Sanibel Landscapes Ltd., we strive to create spaces that we and our clients can be proud of. Our approach is hands on and we will work directly with you, our client, to understand your requirements and desires for your project.

Where Do I Start

Whether it's creating a new outdoor oasis or breathing new life into your existing space. We're here to help you every step of the way. 


Sanibel Landscapes Ltd. has been creating outdoor spaces in Calgary and area since 1985, so we really mean it when we say we're here to help you. 


There can be a lot of things on your mind when you begin to think about changing your landscape. We want to make your experience enjoyable. For that reason, in our initial contact, we will ask some questions that will help us and you determine if we can be of service to you. If we are a fit then we can make plans to meet.